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Many of us Americans of Hungarian origin who were successful want to give back to our country of birth or ancestry. There are many organizations who contribute to remembering our Hungarian heritage with musical, dance, arts and cultural programs, but we noticed that the Hungarian culture of innovation was not seriously represented.


Specifically we want to help the many inventors in Hungary who may have existing  industry disruptive product ideas but do not have the resources to build prototypes and production models, nor business expertise or funds to put together a team to bring their inventions to market.

We differ from other endeavors in that we will research and select the inventions our experienced team feels will have a major societal impact and will not be dependent on the quality of the inventors' sales pitches as is done in many VC shows. We will supply the necessary communication experts. We also differ from other initiatives in that we will support our selected inventors from innovative concept development, to prototype creation to market entry, and provide both science-technology mentors and business mentors.

Hungarian Innovation Center

International Advisory Board


Dr. Vizi E. Szilveszter, Professor Emeritus Semmelweis University. MD medicine University of Pecs and Budapest, Ph.D. medicine University of Budapest, D.Sci. pharmacology, Semmelweis University, Budapest Past President Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Széchenyi- Grand Prize.

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USA Advisory Board

Don Sexton. Professor of Marketing, Columbia University, expert on international business, marketing, and branding. Consulted at over 90 firms. Taught internationally in Europe, China, India, Australia  as well as at leading executive programs in the US.


(Jules) Gyula Balogh, President- Entrepreneurial Executive, MBA  Columbia University, M.Sc. NYU, B.Sc. University of Notre Dame


Steven E. Csorna. Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University. Ph.D. Columbia, MA Columbia, B.S. New York University.


Zoltán Mari, MD. Past Director, Johns Hopkins Parkinsons and Movement Disorder Center. 

András Pellionisz. Domain expert in Genome Informatics, a cross-disciplinary scientist and technologist.  Ph.D.’s in Computer Engineering, Biology and Physics.

 Ernő Sajó. Director of the Medical Physics at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, professor of physics and applied physics.


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      Hungarian Innovation Center, Inc.

Innovations that help society

Entrepreneurs and  small businesses,

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The Hungarian Innovation Center, Inc. was created to support Hungarian inventors and others that have products or ideas that are transformational or disruptive which have a societal benefit.


There is a worldwide demand for cost effective healthcare technologies, inexpensive and non-polluting energy sources, and technologies that can restore and protect our environment.


Our Center will primarily support innovations in these three areas.

        Health                   Energy              Environment


Contact: president@HungarianInnovationCenter.com

Sample of health projects under consideration 

  •     Skin beauty 
  •    Skin and prostate cancer
  •    Bioregulation Therapy
  •    Magnetic and ionization technologies
  •    Cell Information transfer processes
  •    Agricultural processes that maintain vitamin and other  benefits
  •    Food extracts that provide health benefits a $100 Billion+ market
  •    Genome based personalized medicine
  •    Laser technology

Sample of energy innovations under consideration

  •    Reusable energy
  •    Efficient (and low emission) energy generation
  •    Self sustaining village technology
  •    Electric and solar powered machines


Sample of environmental innovations under consideration

  •    Toxic waste protection and elimination
  •    Fire catastrophe protection
  •    Low waste emission power generation



  •     Salt water to drinking water conversion
  •    Robotics
Help Hungarian Inventors

Hungarian Innovation Center, Inc.

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the Lenyo products were successfully used by many Olympic champions and coaches for:

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Contact: president@HungarianInnovationCenter.com

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“Your worth consists in what you are and not in what you have.”

“The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.”

                     Thomas Alva Edison

Experience of our Team

Strategy-Marketing at over 90 Firms

Marketing to a 55 million base

AI for business strategy

Turnaround strategy

Various startups


Creating a wholesale business

Commercial Financing

Consumer Financing

Venture Capital

Numerous Patents

Cancer healing products

Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment

Evidence based medicine

Alternative medicine

Salt to fresh water conversion

Agricultural efficiency products

Energy and Environment


Space exploration

Reading Machines for the Blind

Executive Education for over 600


USA, Europe, China, India, Australia

Think Budapest Start-up EXPO and FORUM

On April 4th and 5th President Balogh and Co-President Dreisziger attended this two day event at the  invitation of Szalai Piroska President of the Budapest Vallalkozásfejlesztési közalapitvány.

The FORUM discussed various inventors successes and problems with starting up. The event at the Várkert Bazár Start-UP EXPO was an opportunity for our leaders to network with Hungarian inventors about opportunities in the US, and displayed various Hungarian Inventions such as wearable smart medical devices, heat resistant straw insulation that is environmentally friendly, and patented ball gear technology.

May  3-5. Friends of Hungary Conference

This 3 day conference attracted over 250 leaders, executives, inventors, renowned persons from over 30 countries.  President Gyula Elemér Balogh and Co-President Dreisziger Zsuzsanna represented the Amerikaiak a Magyarokért Alapítvány as well as the Hungarian Innovation Center, Inc.  Mr. Balogh, also represented the American  Hungarian Federation (founded in 1906) as Co-President, and  Ms.  Dresziger as a Member of the Board. They met with Hungarian President Áder János  and updated him on our activities. They also met with innovators and academics for leading US Universities, and discussed Hungarian inventions and bringing them to market.

Opening of the Hungarian Business and Promotion Development Center

On June 12th President Balogh and Co-President Dreisziger attended the opening of the Business & Promotion Development Center at the Hungarian Embassy at the invitation of Hungarian Ambassador to the US László Szabó. Guest of honor was the US Ambassador to Hungary, David Cornstein with whom Mr. Balogh was able to speak with briefly. The program centered on housing areas for Hungarian innovations.

Explore NJ/Select USA

spin-off event

On June 14th, Hungarian Innovation Center President Gyula (Jules) Elemér Balogh attended the ExploreNJ conference, a Select USA spinoff event, that had a focus on Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. The purpose was to encourage inventors from overseas to bring their products to market in New Jersey. The event was held the New Jersey City University's School of Business in Newark, which had spent $7 Million to renovate a building for prospective inventors.  Hungarian firms Tungsram and Mosaic Education presented at the conference and Mr. Balogh networked with attendees to locate opportunities for joint ventures.